Set Up a Baby Changing Station

Whenever it comes to babies, there is one thing you can always count on — a diaper change. If you are expecting a baby or know somebody who is, take advantage of this one certainly and get something that has some staying power — a baby changing station. A must have entity that can ease every mother’s efforts while changing their baby’s diapers many a times in a single day.

How to set up a Baby Changing Station

It is better to set up your baby changing station with all types of accessories that you will always require while you are in the diaper changing process. This will ensure your convenience to have everything handy while in changing session with your baby. Here’s a checklist that you should have on hand whenever you change your baby:

1. Plenty of clean diapers, cloth or disposable.

2. A stock of washcloths, baby wipes, or cotton balls for wiping. It is better to get a separate supply of bottoms only, rather than using bathtub washcloths.

3. Warm water for cleaning babies’ bottom surface and also for washcloths.

4. Baby oil to be applied with soft cotton balls.

5. Diaper cream for the treatment of a diaper rash.

6. At least a dozen diaper wraps, which are rubber-lined or otherwise waterproof covers usually fastened with Velcro tabs that hold a cloth diaper in place.

7. A few packets of diaper pins to hold the diaper wraps in place after the Velcro has picked up so many other fibers in the laundry that it no longer works.

8. Baby powder, if you think it's necessary. Make sure to keep it at a distance from your baby’s hands because inhaling particles of talcum can be dangerous to your baby's health.

9. A change of clothes in case what your baby is wearing has become wet or soiled.

10. A masking tape to repair a disposable diaper's adhesive tabs. Many a times you run into a situation where its not possible to hold the baby and as well repair a ruined adhesive tab. Thus a masking tape nearby can be a timely help.

11. And finally a diaper container or pail with a secure air-tight-lid to throw away the used diapers.

If your baby needs a change, you cannot leave him there while you run around the room searching for washcloths, diaper pins, warm water, or get down on your hands and knees to find the diaper cream that's slipped under the table. Thus setting up a baby changing station can save your efforts and make changing sessions more enjoyable for the mother and the baby.


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