Diaper Changing Tips

The average newborn baby needs diaper changing more than 10 times in 24 hours; here are the stepwise process that can help diaper changing go a smoother for you and your baby.

Step 1: Understand when the diaper needs changing

Some babies cry when messy stuffs happens, but there are many who donít bother about this and stay calm and wonít make a whimper. Thus it is very important to understand your babyís diaper changing needs, however this problem is faced with new born babies and as they grow up you understand their diaper changing needs in better way. If your baby squirming uneasily then it can be a hint that you need to check your baby diaper, develop a practice of checking your babyís diaper frequently because keeping your baby in mess for long can cause infection and rushes.

Step 2: Put your baby on changing station

Gently take your baby to baby changing station, put the baby there and use the straps with which you can secure your baby comfortably on the surface. If you donít have baby changing station then we highly recommend you to buy one for your babyís comfort and security. Now, wash your hands with soap and water, and be sure you have everything you need nearby.

Step 3: Remove the soiled diaper

Never be in hurry while you are changing diaper, take the enough time and be gentle while you remove soiled diaper and complete all steps starting with removal of adhesive tabs on diaper, then open the sides of diaper, slowly slide the front portion of diaper and take it all the way to the back, use soft hands while you need to lift the babyís bottom.

Step 4: Clean the baby properly

You can use neat portion of diaper to wipe the bottom of baby, but always remember that wipe from the front to back otherwise it can cause infection. Soak baby washcloth in water and clean your babyís bottom properly, for the same purpose you can use moist cotton balls. After cleaning apply creams or ointments as needed for rashes.

Step 5: Put on the new diaper

Slide new diaper under bottom of baby, If you are using pins then have extra caution and keep your hand between pin and babyís skin otherwise it can hurt little one and always remember that never wrap diaper too tightly. Finally, dispose of the soiled diaper and any cleaning materials used during the changing, wash your hands, as well as the baby changing station.

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