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Features Koala Kare
KB200-00 KB200-01
KB200-05 KB200-11
Brocar by
Specialties (ASI)
Diaper Depot
2300 2301
2304 2318
ADA Compliant • • • • • •
ASTM Compliant • • • • • •
ANSI Compliant • • •   • •
Made in the USA • • • • • •
5 Year Warranty • • • • • •
  FDA Approved • • • • • •
  Colors Choices 4 1 1 1 4 2
  Tested to 200 lbs • • • •    
  Easy to Install • • *      
  Door Plaque Included • • *      
  Antimicrobial •         •
Vandalism Warranty •          
  LEED Certification •          
  Locking Liner Dispenser •          
  Sample Liners •          
Estimated Price  $205.41
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* Although these accessories do not come standard with the unit, they can be added.
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ADA Compliant
When installed correctly these baby changing stations meet ADA guidelines, 4.4.1 Maximum Protruding Objects, 4.2.5 Forward Reach, 4.2.6 Side Reach, and 4.27.4 Operation.

ASTM & ANSI Compliant
Meets several ASTM and ANSI standards.

Made in the USA
These manufacturers represent their products as meeting the requirements for the Buy American Act, Trade Agreements Act, and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

5 Year Warranty
Warranted, through the manufacturer, for five years against manufacturer defects.

FDA Approved
Product has been examined by the FDA and is approved for human use in the United States.

Colors Choices
The Koala Kare Products KB200 and the Diaper Depot offer four color choices, the Progenii Inc. ProgenCare offers two color choices.

Weight Tested to 200 lbs.
These baby changing stations have been tested with loads up to 200 lbs. with minimal deflection.

Easy to Install
The Koala Kare Products KB200 is easily installed by one person because of the steel frame design accessible when the locking liner dispenser is open.  The Brocar by Foundations 100-EHBP comes with an EZ Backer Plate™ which mounts easily to the wall allowing the station to hang in place while the installer secures the unit.

Door Plaque Included
The Koala Kare Products KB200 comes with a matching logo door plaque made with heave card board.  The Brocar by Foundation 100-EHBP come with an aluminum door plaque that includes the Foundations logo.

Koala Kare Products uses the name brand Microbanฎ antimicrobial exclusively.  The Progenii ProgenCare uses silver ion based antimicrobial, brand name unknown.  Diaper Depot offer silver ion based antimicrobial on customer made units.

5 Year Vandalism Warranty
Koala Kare Products is the only manufacturer to offer a five year warranty against damage caused by vandalism.

LEED Certification
Koala Kare Products is the only manufacturer who's baby changing stations qualify for LEED Credits.

Locking Liner Dispenser
Koala Kare Products KB200 is the only baby changing station offer a built-in dual locking sanitary liner dispenser.

Sample Liners Included
Koala Kare Products supplies a number of sanitary lines as a sample.  Addition sanitary liners may be purchased.

Estimated Price
Prices list are estimated prices.  For actual prices click the buy online button.

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