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Baby Changing Stations Replacement Parts

Replacement parts of any product are important. These parts help extend the life of the product and offer a better value when you are looking to make a purchase. This is especially true when it comes to Baby Changing Stations. Some manufacturers offer replacement parts such as straps, and stickers and some do not. Over time, having the ability to replace a baby changing station strap can add many years to the purchase of a baby changing station. When you are looking to make a purchase, check to see what replacement parts are available and check the prices to make sure there is value in replacing the part.

Koala Kare Products | Buy Online

Koala Kare is a trusted name in Baby Changing Stations. Many of the public restroom Baby Changing Stations that the general public uses are Koala Kare Baby Changing Stations. Their iconic logo with the Koala and cub are well known and the public sees this logo and knows the baby changing station is a safe and convenient place to take care of their little one's needs. Koala Kare offers replacement parts for most all of their products. They offer replacement stickers that go on the station along with labels that go one the bathroom door. Baby Changing Station Straps can be replaced with in a matter of minutes and bring new life into the changing table. Even broken shocks can be easily replaced to maintain a safe and durable baby changing station. Look for Koala Kare products and genuine Koala Kare Replacement parts to ensure a long lasting, durable and convenient baby changing station.

Koala Kare Replacement Strap for Horizontal Baby Changing Stations | Buy Online

Replacement Strap for Model KB200, KB100, KB100-XXST (recessed), KB110 (Stainless Steel) comes with strap, screws and instructions.


Koala Kare Shock Kit KB472-KIT for KB200
Buy Online

472-KIT is a replacement shock for the KB200. The kit includes: replacement shock, liner dispenser key, and instruction sheet.


Koala Kare Door Label for all Baby Changing Stations | Buy Online

KB841 is a 4" x 4.5" decal for doors. This decal let your customers know there is a "Baby Changing Station Provided". This decal can be used at the main restroom entrance, the door to the men's or women's restroom, or even on the front door the the establishment.


Koala Kare Warning Label for all Baby Changing Stations | Buy Online

KB975 is a warning label which reads: "Warning: Never Leave Child Unattended. Warning: Avoid serious injury from falling or sliding out. Always use restraint system. Warning: Designed for Infants Only. Age up to 3.5 years and weighing less than 50 lb. Keep one hand on child at all times."






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