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Installing a Baby Changing Station

  The No. 1 Rule for installing a baby changing station that will be safe for baby changing is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The manufacturer has designed the baby changing station to be a safe and functional bathroom accessory when installed correctly- this means according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Keep the safety of the baby in mind throughout the installation process. Here are some basic guidelines to keep in mind when installing a baby changing station; however, these guidelines should not be used as a substitute for the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. If you are not a professional carpenter you might consider hiring one for this job.
  1. Open the box; check the baby changing station for damage.
  2. Locate the instructions and installation hardware kit, which should be included.
  3. Gather the required tools – usually a screwdriver and an electric drill with a drill bit to match the size recommended by the manufacturer for drilling holes in the mounting surface to accept the anchor screws.
  4. Check the mounting hardware included in the box – kits may not always include everything you will need, but they usually do.
  5. Select the location for mounting – this will require a sturdy wall or sturdy surface depending on the type of baby changing station you purchased. The wall or surface must be capable of supporting the baby changing station unit plus a baby – manufacturers recommend 400lbs. – probably because eventually some adult baby will sit or stand on it for some unknown reason.
  6. The baby changing station should be mounted at a maximum and minimum height to comply with the requirements of the American With Disabilities Act, and in some States other height requirements may need to be complied with. The ADA requires 59 inches and 27 inches, your manufacturer’s instruction sheet should be consulted for recommended mounting heights.
  7. For a wall mount, starting with the left side screw holes, locate the center of a wall stud and mark it with a pencil at the correct height to comply with the ADA and to line up with the pre-drilled holes in your baby changing station. After marking the studs drill your mounting pilot holes. Be sure you use the correct size and type drill bit – e.g.; wood vs. masonry for your pilot holes.
  8. Mount the baby changing station securely to the surface with the screws and washers provided in your installation kit.
  9. Lie down on the baby changing station to see if it will hold your weight – unless you weigh over 400 pounds. If your baby changing station collapsed, you need to re-mount it doing something differently - like hiring a competent carpenter.

If you followed the manufacturer’s instructions, the wall or surface you mounted the baby changing station is capable of supporting you and it didn’t collapse under your weight, then you should have a safely mounted baby changing station.





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