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Diaper Deckô

  When DDK decided to design a diaper changing station, they had three factors in mind. First, safety, followed by a space-saving design and a tough, long-lasting construction.  They believe they have accomplished all of this and more with the Diaper Deckô.

Safety First: Equipped with a bed that drops horizontally.  The sunkin bed of the Diaper Deckô allows the baby to only roll toward the wall or the changing parent, prior to securing the nylon safety belt.

The Diaper Deckô also features Safe Strapô, a uniquely designed strap that is equipped with a clip lock fastener, insuring release only by the parent.  A pneumatic air pump is used for lowering and retracting of the changing bed.  And unique design of the Diaper Deckô will not drop below the 90 degree angle required for safety.

Space-Saving Design: The Diaper Deckô fits inside even the smallest of rooms projecting only 4Ĺ inches from the wall, and only 18Ĺ inches when opened. This unique design allows more room around the changing station while in use and even allows the option of installation inside a restroom stall for maximum privacy.

Durable, Long-Lasting Construction: Constructed of high density polyethylene plastic, the Diaper Deckô is resistant to odors, mold, mildew, and is easily cleaned.

Designed to withstand up to 400 lbs. of static weight, the Diaper Deckô provides protection from vandalism, as well as a greater safety for parents, babies, providers, and facility managers.  The Diaper Deckô comes in a stone light grey.

Mounting Requirements: Wood screws or toggle bolts require a reliable plumb, vertical wall structure in which to mount the Diaper Deckô.  The Diaper Deckô should not be mounted on a wall not able to withstand minimum of 100 lbs. per sq. ft. in all directions.



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