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For over 40 years, Jofel Industrial S.A. located in Alicante Spain has been producing  industrial hygiene products with nine manufacturing facilities in Europe and North America.  Through research and development, Jofel maintained a worldwide reputation for product excellence.  Jofel opened offices in Mexico City in 1990 with a manufacturing plant/ distribution center located in Puebla, Mexico where all the dispensers are manufactured.  Additionally Jofel has three other distribution centers in Mexico located in Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Mexico City.  In 1994, Jofel also opened a distribution office in the United States located in San Antonio, Texas.  Together with National Towels and Paper Sales (better known as NTPS) a paper converting company, Jofel opened its doors for business.  The paper-converting portion was sold in 1997; however, Jofel continued (business as usual) with its towel and tissue dispenser lines (dba Worldwide Dispenser, Inc.).  In January 2001, the company name was changed to what is now known as Jofel USA LLC.  Jefl's mission is to continue to service the industrial hygiene product needs of businesses and corporations worldwide.  Our growth is dependent upon our customer’s satisfaction...at Jofel USA LLC, we recognize that.

Jofel is committed to manufacturing only the highest quality dispensing systems at an affordable and competitive price.  All products and components are subject to strict quality control.  There sleek, contemporary designs integrate well with any washroom décor, providing efficient attractive convenience to the consumer.  You will appreciate the low maintenance and cost savings our high-capacity dispensers deliver.  In addition, Jofel dispensers are made to be universal, so they can accommodate all product brands

In 2011 Jofel USA, LLC will begin distributing baby changing stations through it's San Antonio Texas warehouse.  These privately labeled baby changers are manufactured with the highest quality standards.

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  • Jofel Vertical Baby Changing Station



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