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Progenii, Inc. ProgenCare Baby Changing Stations
with Silver Ion Antimicrobial


Progenii, Inc. ProgenCare™ baby changing stations with silver ion antimicrobial are manufactured in Cincinnati, OH.  According to Progenii, Inc., the ProgenCare™ baby changing stations (BCS) are manufactured with an EPA and FDA approved silver-ion antimicrobial agent that prevents the growth of bacteria which causes fungi, mold and mildew, as well as a broad spectrum of microbes in the material. This cutting edge technology is the safest on the market in antimicrobial use.  The silver ion is completely structured within the matrix of the entire product.  The ProgenCare™ silver ion antimicrobial BCS is assembled from FDA approved seamlessly rotationally molded high density polyethylene.  Our silver ion antimicrobial BCS comes with labeled usage instructions and safety message in four languages.  Our wall mountable horizontal BCS comes in two colors, Ivory or Gray, and available in Oval or Rectangular.

Moms and dads can be assured they are changing their babies on a safely protected antimicrobial, and elegantly shaped baby changing station.

Oval Station Size: (LxWxD) 33.75”x 25”x4”     

Rectangular Station Size: (LxWxD) 35.5”x20.25”x4”   

Progenii Inc ProgenCare™ Silver Ion Antimicrobial Baby Changing Stations

  • Does not contain any form of triclosan
  • EPA and FDA approved silver ion antimicrobial agent
  • Safely kills a broad spectrum of microbes, not just antibacterial
  • Exceeds load requirements of ASTM F2285-04
  • ADA compliant
  • Double hanging hooks for purses and bags
  • Smooth non-porous changing surface area
  • Two holders for liners storage
  • Soft-touch and safety tested baby strap with snap buckle
  • Precision gas-spring for assisted-closing
  • Mounting hardware included
  •  5 year warranty
  •  Fits in small restrooms
  • Made in the USA (Cincinnati, Ohio)



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